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Know your Credit Score.

A Good Score helps you Save Some Cash. So, it matters. Your credit score – a simple number that can make a big difference in your financial life. How? Let’s

Food and Finance?

Food & Finance: A Surprising Connection. Let’s find out. Food is essential for survival, no argument there. In today’s world, learning to cook has also become essential, especially for those

The Compromises.

What you Prioritize in your 20s and 30s Matter. Mind. Body. Wealth. We’re on a chase. A chase to stand out, to get rich, to have our Rockstar moments, and

The R factor.

Carried on by Lucrative Returns. Risk will take care of that. Research shows that people tend to weigh negative information more heavily than positive information, a psychological phenomenon known as

Make Finance your Friend

Fear Financial Jargon? Fear not. Regardless of your profession, whether you’re a doctor, chef, engineer, programmer, or shopkeeper, a basic understanding of finances is essential. This knowledge helps you become

Travelling and Finances.

Do you love to travel and explore? Then, This is for you. Traveling can be a fulfilling experience, igniting not just our sense of adventure but also nourishing our heart,

Read Folks.

Top 5 just for you. Read and Digest. Do you enjoy reading? Well, I could talk about books all day. I went through a significant shift in my reading preferences,

Spending wisely

Planning your Finances. Start Early and Get Financially Wiser.. Many of us have grand plans for our first salary, but it’s rare for people to consistently set aside a portion